Halo Niko, Greek Food Hunter!

Feeling a bit hungry starving now.. and missing this one special place where my boyfriend used to take me on Friday night after office. Halo Niko!


Bet you never heard of this rustic-like cafe. If you work near Pejaten, care to visit this place, and you won’t regret it. The theme and menu is Greek and Javanese. You guess just right: the owner are a Greek man and a Javanese lady.

You can meet Niko (or so I guess his name) smoking in one of the oldie chairs.


Halo Niko! is perfect place for you to hang out with friends, take stylish food photographs, or casual romantic date. And for the food, for sure is worth to try: can’t barely find Greek resto in Jakarta. My all time favorite is Kalimera soup. Yum!


Best thing about this resto is the location, quite and easy to reach. You can even take Transjakarta Line 6 and stop at Pejaten halte, take 3 minutes walk to ACE Hardware parking area, voila! A cute and homey warung is waiting for you.


Help yourself finding the location in Google Maps print-screen below:

Halo Niko map

Happy feasting!


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