4 Days in East Java Part 1 : Batu Night Spectacular and Batu Secret Zoo


Dear readers,

First of all, I’d like to share my happiness in becoming 26 years. What a journey. I wish for more exciting adventures and romance. Haha.

So, last weekend I went to East Java with my bf. Have been planning the whole thing since a month ago. Started out with my beloved mom who mentioned how much she longed to visit Batu, Malang. I answered why not! I was so excited and couldn’t help my self imagining Bromo mountain, a place I promised my self to see before I get married die. The time was perfect because during Ramadhan, people rarely tend to go on vacation. And I never really enjoy the crowd.

Anyway, not so long afterwards, I checked on my favorite website Traveloka to find two tickets to Malang. It must had been my luck, I got Garuda Indonesia Airline cheap price and on the way back, I took it from Juanda, Surabaya also with the same airline. You can call me weak but, taking train to East Java like other travelers was never considered in my wildest thought. That was way, way too tiring. Imagine 15 hours sitting. The thing is that the price is almost the same.

I don’t wish to promote, but Traveloka is very recommended if you want to travel Indonesia. Even cheaper if you install the app in you smartphone.

Right. With tickets in my hand, I browsed many articles and advertisement on the net to find perfect itinerary. First, I got to find my family place to stay. Thought about booking two hotel rooms but I changed my mind due to my mom also asking my brother and his wifey to join. Eight people including the family’s driver. So, I bumped into Batu Villa, made contact with the salesman, and transfer 50% of the down payment. Decision I grateful later on.

And for sure, the most important thing is Bromo open trip. After many websites surfing, I chose Backpacker Borneo as my tour guide. It looked trustworthy and the rate is considered low. So I whatsapped and they responded quickly. Same as the villa, I sent the tour guide half price as down payment. Fair enough.

Thursday morning, the plane took off at 10.45 sharp and landed an hour after in a tiny airport, Abdul Rahman Saleh, Malang. It was actually Air Force base, so I didn’t complain.

While waiting for my family to pick me up (this was an agreement with mom that I would meet her and Bapak in Malang; she and the whole gang drove from Jogja), I freshened up in one of the coffee shop and surprisingly had best Empek-empek ever.


Note: I don’t smoke. That is my bf’s. And yes, I took the in-flight magazine. It was all legal for Garuda passengers. I checked.

From the airport to Kota Batu took about an hour. When we arrived in the residence, The Kusuma Pinus, no regret. It was clean, neat, modern, quite, peaceful and well-designed. The villa is located at a hill which surrounded by pine forest. Our front view is the huge Arjuna Mountain with Kota Malang in its valley. Quite a sight.


Pine Forest


Arjuna Mountain

My itinerary was short. To be honest, 2 days in Batu is not enough. There are numerous tourism spots. Yet, I managed to visit most of them because those places are close to each other. Well done, government.

Thursday afternoon I went for Batu Night Spectacular which is 10 minutes driving from the villa. It is a playful and chill park where you can enjoy many kind of games and unique lanterns.


Cinderella Chariot

The following day, we jumped to the top list: Jatim Park 2 and its famous Batu Secret Zoo. There is no other word, it was awesome. I took so many pictures that my phone memory’s running out.


Me, trying to catch up the line. Running happily like a puppy.

For one ticket you buy, you can get pass Museum Satwa and Batu Secret Zoo.


Batu Secret Zoo Entrance


The famous Pohon Inn, where you can experience “living in a jungle”.


Massive Elephant Statue and Museum Satwa


White Indian Benggala Tiger


Annoyingly happy


The boat to take you around for free.


Air emergency.


Red piranhas.


Amusement Park inside.


More like The Flying Dutchman.


Join Noah’s Ark

This park is one hell of a place to stroll, if you think you can’t manage walking, there’s a electric bike rented. It took me 3 hours to get to Exit gate and actually enjoyed the view.

Last, don’t forget to taste the ice cream they made, super delicious.

Stay witty, lads.

Part 2 : Agrowisata Petik Buah, Museum Angkut and Pasar Apung.


  • Do not throw away your Garuda boarding pass, you may use it as 20% off discount in Museum Angkut and Batu Night Spectacular.
  • If you are willing to visit all seven spots and your energy is somehow excessive, do not hesitate to buy 2-days ticket and you can visit freely: Jatim Park 1, Jatim Park 2: Museum Satwa, Batu Secret Zoo, Eco Green Park, BNS, Museum Tubuh and Museum Angkut. Only for Rp 275.000,-.

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