The North Capital: Beijing, China


Happy Sunday!

Just a month after solo backpacking flashpacking to Singapore, I packed my bag and my yellow minion Lojel luggage heading to Beijing. Why so impulsive? It’s not. I had missed my best friends who currently reside there. And I thought, early summer was the best time to go. So, I checked my travel app and booked return tickets from China Southern Airlines. For I stayed in my friends’ apartment, I did not prepare to book any hotels.


The one I did not think through was that in between my 10 days visit, there were 3 days celebration of Dragon Boat Festival. It was long holiday in China, not a smart move to visit several popular sites. And so, in those 3 days, I practically went nowhere, except nearby mall and park. Ahahahaa…

Eight effective days to explore but only several places to visit. Ahahaa.. I was such a panda traveler. But, I enjoyed it very much. That’s the point of holidays, isn’t it? I did not want to be exhausted after holidays. I wanted to relax and happy.


Transportation in Beijing was quit easy and cheap. This huge (super huge) city was provided with Subway, buses, taxis, rent-bikes, tuk-tuk (kind of bemo in Indonesia) and even an uber-like app cars.

I bought Transportation Smart Card (blue card) in first station after airport, Dongzhimen. I used this card for Airport Express, Subway and bus. No worries.

20170611_101342My friend’s apartment was located in Shangdi area, the Silicon Valley of Beijing, not in downtown and so, when travel alone I mostly used Subway. Highest rate I paid for a trip using Subway was only 5 yuan for maybe 20 km, other than 25 yuan for Airport Express. There were around 20 lines in Beijing, each journey in one line was 2 yuan. All subway stations and trains information was in English, so the chance to be lost was zero.

Bus was a bit different, though only cost 1 yuan per line (using smart card), sometimes the information was not so clear. I got a bit confused with the pronunciation, so I just remembered the street alright.

Bicycle rental in Beijing amazed me. It was such a brilliant idea. There were around 40,000 public bikes around town which could be easily activated and paid using an app. They were literally everywhere. I enjoyed cycling so much in Beijing.

I only used taxis when I was with K and Z. It’s because taxi drivers rarely speak English. I had no chance. Ahahaha..

Walk. Walk. Walk. Beijing was all about walking. Serously, because as I told you, this city was huge. The Chinese people sure knew how to built massive buildings and parks.

Thank you, Z and K!

20170611_100455My lovey-dovey couple friends had been angels during my stay. Thank you, K and Z! Love you so much, buds. For the apartment, 24-hours access to fridge (LOL!), night clubs, most hip expats cafe, Chinese sushi, best burger in town and all those delightful Persian dinner. I wish you both happiness for the rest of your life!

Also for K’s beloved brother, P. Who invited me to your hometown, Tehran. It was such a wonderful time to meet you again. Thank you for the saffron cotton candy! I love it. Hope to see you again.


Stay golden,




4 thoughts on “The North Capital: Beijing, China”

  1. That was lucky for you to have such a nice friends in there. Gimana dengan tembok Cina? Keren kah?? Dulu ke China sayangnya cuma ke Shenzhen dan nyebrang ke Hongkong saja.


    1. My friends were the best. I am so grateful.

      Tembok Cina was a bliss, Indah.
      I couldn’t imagine people built such a magnificent wall with less advance technology than now.
      You should totally visit with your family.


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