Mauki’ kemana? Makassar mi.



I’m back. After devastating month of overtime in office (which, to be honest, assuring my bank account: saved), I’m thinking of starting to write again. Due to my longing for mountains and beaches and hotel comfort food, the post is about travel. Compare to what I did last year or years before that, my travelling experience this is year goes nowhere. ZZzzz…

Well. I’d like to remind my self with what I did in 2014 with my partner in crime, Sara. The year when life was still gold and full of promises. Hahahaa.. you know what I mean, ebeb Sara. That was the time which Sara and I went out of town, or country, without planning or even thinking it through. The one that I’m about to tell you started out with office-chatty time with her, on how she would visit her (former) Continue reading “Mauki’ kemana? Makassar mi.”