China: Beijing Olympic Park

National Stadium

Have I mentioned that China knows how to build eye-catching venues and buildings?

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Dragon Boat Festival. Traditional event which occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month of Chinese calendar. It was 3-days holiday in all over China. I was told that it’s not wise to visit touristy spots; plus it’s 37 degC outside. Thus, K, Z and I had lunch in nearby mall, China Resources Dreamport. I was excited to try Beijing sushi in Shotamuni Restaurant. Can’t believe I ate sushi in China. Ahahahaa.. The sushi rolls were delicious.

In the afternoon, K and Z looked for new apartment around the area. I had a plan to visit the famous Bird’s Nest Stadium. So, we took a cab, heading downtown. I dropped in front of China National Convention Center in which that time just held international economic event, Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation summit.

National Convention Center
Pedestrian pathway

Have I mentioned that China knows how to build eye-catching venues and buildings? This park is definitely one of them. Occupies a total area of 680 hectares, the park becomes a comprehensive multi functional activity center for the public. With my tiny feet, I was able to walk along North Central Axis Landscape Avenue and spotted Beijing National Indoor Stadium, National Aquatics Center (Water Cube) and National Stadium (Bird’s Nest).

I ran happily along the massive ground where a very tall tower, Ling Long Pagoda erected. With an overall height of 132 meters, Ling Long Tower was the highest building in the Olympic Park and functioned as the International Broadcasting Corporation during the Olympic games. When night falls, I was astonished with its extremely charming colored lights changing.


Ling Long Pagoda

To its South, lied a giant Bird’s Nest Stasium. The stadium where my beloved Arsenal FC will hold 2017 pre-season friendly match with Chelsea FC on July 22nd. I grievely condemn my lack of information before I bought flight tickets. Hahaa.. Thought a month early than I supposed to, I strolled around the stadium with excitement.

Not far from the Bird’s Nest, there was the National Aquatics Center, also known as Water Cube. Its creative design concept is originated from the arrangement pattern of cells and natural structure of soap bubbles. The huge square box was produced by combining modern technologies with traditional Chinese culture. In the past, Chinese ancestors believed that the sky is round while the earth is square, and that is the way nature keeps harmonious. The square Water Cube together with the round Bird’s Nest, embody and interpret this idea very well. -Travel China Guide




Statue specially made for Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation

I spent whole afternoon sitting here and enjoyed it as the Sun went down. It created reddish-orange sunlight bursting through the horizon. Simply splendid. I couldn’t believe my luck.

Have a nice day!





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