What’s your sport?


I want to be completely honest. Until last year I have no idea if someone asked me what’s my favorite sport activity. Because of course I didn’t have one. The closest I can recall was watching Premiere League in nearby cafe with my boyfriend. If “watching” is considered sport activity.

I have never been into physical exercises. Someone or something had to force me to run, or cycle or jump. And sweating is the most uncomfortable situation in any case.

But, I was thinking it shouldn’t last forever. I mean, I have to take care of my health. The fact that I sit at least 8 hours a day in 20 degC room temperature has to be taken seriously. I will catch sickness at some point. Hence, I thought of doing sport. Sport that is fun, cheap, flexible and for sure.. burn calories.

I believe everyone has their own favorite one.

Then last year, a revelation came through my boyfriend’s brilliant idea: swimming! I didn’t think it was brilliant at all at first because you know what.. I cannot swim. Yet, the idea of I’m actually able to do something I haven’t been able to do before excited me. And so, with my boyfriend and best girl Wilhelmina‘s patient and my shameless attempt on trying, I am able to swim, free-style (at least). Yay!

So far, this is the best exercise I have ever done. I actually enjoy it very much. Every Wednesday and sometimes Sunday, I go to swim with my pals and boyfriend.


In Jakarta, you may find several places to go swimming. As for me, regular place to go on week day is ITC Kuningan Apartment swimming pool. It lays at 9th floor. The place is chill and quite. Coolest thing is that we can go for sauna after swimming. And it is nearby. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me and my friends), it is a private pool. It requires tenant card access.




On the weekend though, I go swimming with my boyfriend. Cilandak Town Square swimming pool is my boyfriend’s favorite. The place is a little bit more crowded and you should pay Rp 65.000 to go inside. Best thing about this pool is, the snacks are delicious. During our time swimming, we always buy fried banana or chocolate toast.

Other places you may visit is Manhattan Hotel swimming pool. It’s quite expensive for you have to pay one full month, but worth the view. I went there once when a friend of mine, Mba Citra, stayed in the hotel during her business trip.


So now, I can proudly answer “swimming” if anyone would ask my sport is. I believe everyone has their own favorite one. What’s yours?




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