About Yesterday

There are many things I’d like to thank God for. The birthday was randomly full of laughter and even drama. Can’t tell you the drama tough. Haha..

Bf called me at 0 clock just to wish me happiness and love. Dorm girls woke me up at 5 and started giving me hugs and presents. They even made it with a cupcake and 5 cute candles. Lovely.


It also got me really sad knowing this was gonna be our last time celebrating someone’s birthday together. Gonna miss the moment much, Mbak Yeane, Menur, Pita and Mbak Punky.

And so, I went to office cheerfully. Decided to smile the whole day.

One to find was colleague greetings, birthday note from Ayu and half dozen of doughnuts from Sara completed with Movie Card as a gift. Yeah! Queue free lane, I’m coming!

20150702_130449 20150702_130632

I became so cheesy experiencing free lunch with my wittiest new frenemies Wilhelmina in Steak Hotel by Holycow in Kota Kasablanka Mall. Not so fortunate that it served me Chicken Steak only. You might get the Wagyu one in Holycow! Steakhouse by Chef Afit. Yet, it was all delicious anyway.

20150702_120839 20150702_115347

In the afternoon, I walked to Starbucks Lotte Shopping Avenue to pick up my treat: Grande beverage. Yippi!

I showed the barista my Starbuck Card and winked, “It’s my birthday today!” and suprisingly, she yelled, “Whoaaa! Happy birthday!!!” Other baristas started to shout also and won’t stop until I got my Quiche. Great, now everybody’s looking at me. LOL.


Cheese Quiche and Iced Hazelnut Chocolate. Don’t mind the name, it’s my alias. //detective mode//

And finally, le bf who crossed hell road TB Simatupang-Mega Kuningan to meet me, brought the magic:


The photo was taken this morning.

His gift. Love it so much.


Thank you, thank you!

Lots of kisses,



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