The Latest Craze for Crazy Horse Leather


Lovely February, gosh you came so fast this year. In a blink of an eye, January has gone. No worry. There are still plenty of time to enjoy 2017. I really wish all smarty blogwalkers have amazing moments and new experiences ahead of them. a fine wine, the older the better, Crazy Horse leather gets better in time..

As of me, I just realize something real important in my life. Recently, that is like, this very morning, LOL. Guess what, I just realize that I have a crush on leather thingies whole my life. And it’s getting crazier each year. Ahahahaa..

My obsession led me to own leather satchels, bags, wallet, sandals, shoes, boots and other miscellaneous accessories. I can’t stop thinking about them until I had them in my hands. The leather should be specific: raw and vintage, or most people call it Crazy Horse Leather or Saddle Leather.



This awesome material has an antique appearance and characteristic. Unlike other type, a simple scratch or rub turns the leather fibers to a different shade, a slight bend and the entire bend line fades to a different shade as well. Looks like it’s easily spoiled. But don’t be fooled, it’s super durable.

Refer to Gritty Rustic Leather, crazy horse leathers are made by applying a special kind of wax to a full grain leather surface that has been buffed and smoothed out. The type of wax used rests independently upon the leather fibers allowing the coloration of the leather surface to change if rubbed without the colors immediately reversing back. This process of rubbing and altering the color shades is what causes the antique appearance and is exactly what the craze for this leather is all about.

a perfect satchel

What I like about it is that as a fine wine, the older the better, Crazy Horse leather gets better in time. I had several items made of this leather and within 1 to 5 years, they look rustic and expensive. Love. Love. Love.

Here are list of items I collected and would like to.


Dr. Martens 939 Crazy Horse Ben Boots

I have a taste for boots. And to where should I buy? No other than Dr Martens. It was love at a first sight when I saw 939 Crazy Horse Ben Boots on the isle. Though a little bit heavy, I still use it to office when it’s rain or when I want to look boyish. Mine have scratches here and there. Ahahaa..2344135-p-4x


These boots happen to be Kristen Stewart‘s favorite too.



Zapatos Fullhardy Crazy Horse Wallet

Couple of years ago I found Zapatos store in Ambassador Mall Jakarta. I bought a backpack and a messenger bag for my boyfriend. We’re both admiring its tidy stitches. Then, not so long ago, he bought me a rustic wallet.



Minimo Leather Tote Bag

No words needed. I want it so bad!



Zapatos Special Edition Full Leather Messenger Bag

I bought Christmas present for my boyfriend years ago. It was special edition full leather messenger bag from Zapatos. I will update the picture beacuse I haven’t got the chance to take a picture of his “now mature-leather” satchel.

messenger satchel


Brodo Vintage Brown Wallet

Another gift for my boyfriend, Brodo Vintage Brown Wallet *I forgot the type, it’s no longer available, replaced by Brodo Short Wallet. I literally persuade him to like crazy horse leather. Ahahaa..



Gammara Leather

Gammara is new local genuine leather bag handcrafter based in Bandung. I just found their website recently. Their products are amazing and with affordable price too. If you want personal touch, they offer custom. I am planning on visiting their headquarter this weekend. You can find their store in Cilandak Town Square. It’s 10% off until end of February.

Visit their instagram: Gammara Leather



So, that was it.

I hope the post brings inspiration to you.





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