Kuala Lumpur Part 2: Genting Highlands


Friday, 29 September 2014

On the third day, we woke up a bit early and quickly grabbed complimentary breakfast near the hall, The 10Binjai. We were hoping to catch morning bus to Genting Highlands, our next destination. Though it was only 50 km or 1.5 hr driving way from downtown KL, we expected to arrived early to enjoy more.



From PNB Darby Park, we walked along Persiaran KLCC street to Ampang Park LRT station underground. I love the LRT station. It was clean, neat, modern and easy to navigate. Also, the LRT attendants were very helpful and friendly. They helped any tourists who hasn’t understood how to use the LRT with smile. Way to go, KL!



Not so long after, we arrived at KL Sentral station and continued to Go Genting Express Bus Ticketing Office located on Lower Ground Floor of the station, below the escalator. The bus was leaving every 1 hour starting at 8 am to 7 pm. The one-way fare including Genting Skyway cable car ride was 10.70 RM (adult) and 9.60 RM (child).


The bus took us to Genting Skyway Lower Station at Awana where Sara and I took many selfies with old British Double Decker Bus while waiting for our turn. LOL. From here we had to take the cable car to Genting. Such a thrill I was almost shaking. Frightened. Hahaa.. I remembered I was gonna kill Sara after she laughed at me.


The view was breathtaking, by the way. It took only 15 minutes until we dropped in Resorts World Genting. The resorts contained of several hotels; Genting Grand, Maxims, Resort Hotel, Theme Park Hotel and First World Hotel (under constructed the day I visited). Along the exit lane, we passed many restaurants serving Malayan and Chinese cuisines, high pillared hotel lobby and arty sculptures.


If you’re planning to visit Genting Highlands, I suggest you to wear thicker clothing because the temperature can reach 10 degC. Luckily, I though about it before and brought my scarf. And though the hotels were connected by sheltered walkways and escalators (indoor), we went out to enjoy the weather and scenery. Scenery = expensive cars lining.


To pursue our curiosity, we decided to enter one of the casino, Casino de Genting, inside the First World Indoor Theme Park. There were two guards waiting outside the casino door which got us hesitant. After watching several minutes of people coming and going easily, Sara and I gave it a go. But guess what, what can go wrong will go wrong. The stopped us. They were so tense. Ugh! Before we protested, one of them asked for our ID. So, we showed our passports. They smirked and let us through. Turned out, they assumed that we were Malaysian. Apparently, no Malaysian (esp. Muslim) were allowed to enter the casino. Wicked!


To be honest, nothing special inside. I saw too many movies presenting Las Vegas casinos and they were almost the same. Though, experiencing by our own was once in a life time.

Continue to Part 3.


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