China: Mutianyu Great Wall


There were several places I visited in China which were mesmerizing but this one was beyond awesome and unforgettable: Great Wall of China. This place was the highlight of my vacation to Beijing. The ultimate privilege.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Through Klook application, I booked one day tour to Mutianyu. Only to the Great Wall, without Ming Tomb or tea shop. I preferred to enjoy longer time in the site instead of wasting time in other activities. The tour was around $USD 39 including transportation, English speaking guide (only in the mini bus and before entrance), lunch, return tickets (luge/toboggan/slideway) and no need for tipping.

Luge view with toboggan slideway below

The mini bus picked me up in the meeting point I informed them before. The tour guide preferred to pick up at hotel lobby, as for me, I asked him to pick me up in front of downtown city subway station. He was punctual with the time. There were already 9 other tourists in the car; Austrian, Germans, Taiwanese, Singaporean and Italian. Exactly at 8.00 AM, we drove our way to north.

I was very lucky with weather and the traffic. The sky was clear blue with no chance of rain and the road was empty. What’s more, it was surrounded by vivid green trees. Parfait!


Vivid green
One of the towers
Empty Mutianyu Great Wall

We arrived at parking area, got to know our restaurant/meeting point and required to walk to entrance gate on the uphill. I thought I could choose using cable car or cableway, turned out we all got the tickets for luge/toboggan/slideway only. The cable car would take us to Tower 14, whilst luge took us to Tower 6, which is lower. From a website I read, the cable car was safer and smoother than the luge, even suitable for children and senior visitors. Yet, the luge was more fun. So, I was okay with that. Besides, the price was the same, 80 yuan return.

The view from the luge was breath-taking. For you who’s afraid of height, I do not recommend this. Hahahaa..


Clear blue sky

I walked along the great wall with full excitement, and who’s not?! The site was almost empty! I couldn’t believe my luck.

Tips for you, do not forget to use sunscreen and bring water. You’re totally gonna need them.


Pardon my elevating skill

On my way back down, I had so much fun with the toboggan. You need to experience this at least once in your lifetime. Hahahaa.. Unfortunately, I did not have the photograph of me sliding down because it was forbidden to do so. Never risk your life for a selfie! *my inner safety engineer soul was triggered.


Inside the tower
Watch tower
Toboggan slideway

I honestly couldn’t tell how mesmerized I was. Truly grateful for the privilege!

Lots of love,



P.S. If only I could rent private car, I would choose Huanghuacheng Great Wall instead. This part of great wall is also located near Beijing. Special thing about this place is that it is the only great wall in lakeside. Maybe next time for me.



4 thoughts on “China: Mutianyu Great Wall”

  1. Today I Learned that the Great Wall is divided based on their location, isn’t it?
    Next time, you should visit the end of the wall. A prophecy said that white walker will come through it.


    1. Indeed.
      There are several other parts near Beijing.

      My God, why haven’t I thought of that?! Sure did the Chinese build the wall to prevent the white walkers. If they have The Wall in Westeros, we have The Great Wall. Ha.


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