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On my last day of traveling to East Java, I dared my self pursuing my curiosity of Bromo Mountain. Many friends, local and foreigners have all recommended me to see the magnificent view. And so it went.

With the help of my tour guide, Backpacker Borneo, who are very professional and cherish, I finally stepped my shoes in more than 2000 meters high ground.

On Saturday night, at about 11, they picked me up with a hard-top four-wheel drive. Took around 3 hours to reach our first destination, Penanjakan 3 Bromo. There are many spots to watch sunrise: Penanjakan 1 is the most popular, yet very very crowded; Penanjakan 2 pretty much the same, lower height; third one is most recommended based on my tour guide’s experience. Read More


Greeting, fellas!

Very nice weather here in Jakarta.. Set the mood to write. Plus, I just had my favorite dinner, Rib Eye Steak (yet again).

Here it goes..

After a whole day strolling zoo, I was thinking of getting more quite time in the it-museum, Museum Angkut. Angkut in Indonesia means transport. It’s alright to expect old cars, planes, or andong; but, there are more, way more than that in Museum Angkut. Never forget that they add “..and Movie Star Studio” for a reason. Read More


Dear readers,

First of all, I’d like to share my happiness in becoming 26 years. What a journey. I wish for more exciting adventures and romance. Haha.

So, last weekend I went to East Java with my bf. Have been planning the whole thing since a month ago. Started out with my beloved mom who mentioned how much she longed to visit Batu, Malang. I answered why not! I was so excited and couldn’t help my self imagining Bromo mountain, a place I promised my self to see before I get married die. Read More