Teras Cihampelas Bandung Skywalk

Teras Cihampelas (uphill)

Last weekend I went for a short break out of town, to Bandung. Never too tired or bored to visit this city. The fresh air and rather-cold weather are what attracted me the most. It is a plus that my boyfriend spent 5 years in the city during his study in Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) so he knows Bandung like the back of his hand. He introduced me to the amazing places of Sundanese people (Bandung’s natives).

Also. No one can deny the various and creative Sundanese cuisines. Any kind of veggies, tofu, meat or fruits can be elevated to whole new level of delicacy. Even the rice tastes better here. Ahaha.. It is true, though. That’s another reason I enjoyed every minutes of my trip to Bandung.

Bamboo Art

One great news I heard last month was that Ridwan Kamil, the Mayor, announced the skywalk of Cihampelas street, named Teras Cihampelas, was finished and ready to open for public. Yai! I had been anticipating the project and was super excited with how it gotta look like. As an architect, for sure the Mayor does not disappoint us, the skywalk turns out to be awesome.

It is like a very long bridge connecting Cihampelas street all the way down hill. Refer to Kompas article, this skywalk are 450 meters long, 9 meters wide and 4.5 meters above the ground.The construction beam is using steel and concrete with granite and wood for flooring. No worry, the constructor has tested its strength several times.

Under the bridge

The best thing about skywalk, the trees along Cihampelas street are not chopped down. Instead, they are kept to cover the passengers from hot sunlight. Wow!

Above, there are flower garden, local souvenirs shops, culinary booths, benches and all beautiful selfie spots.




Instagram Frame (End of route)

Oh and, the designer completing the platform with toilets, security guards, fire extinguishers, trash bins and praying room/cabin. They also provide access to the disabled with elevator and wheelchair-friendly pathway.

For security, Bandung authority hired guards and officers to look after the passengers. They can be recognized with their black Sundanese clothes and Iket Sunda (head scarf). You may ask them anything related to this place.

Elevator for the elders and disabled


Security Guard
Praying Room and Toilet

I recommend you to visit this place other than weekend or holidays. The crowd will frustrate you. Hahaha.. kidding. That is for me. Best time to visit is early, early morning and late at night. I first went there at almost midnight, it was magical and romantic. Perfect for a date with your significant other.

Not yet open
Information Sign

I visited it once more  at 7 o’clock on Sunday morning, yet there are already several chatty groups scared the chirping birds. I thought I would walk alone and took pictures of the design. A little bit disappointed but it was paid off by an ensemble of Sundanese children playing Imagine Dragon and Jason Mraz songs using Angklung (Sundanese music instrument made of bamboo). They are just too cute and mesmerizing.

Angklung Ensemble


Teras Cihampelas is also considered as a hanging garden. Just look at these beautiful tropical flower blossoms. Don’t you love them?




Teras Cihampelas or Cihampelas Skywalk is totally worth a visit if you are in Bandung. You will love the atmosphere.

Stay golden!




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