Hutan Pinus Pengger Watu Ngadek – Dlingo, Bantul


Pemerintah Provinsi Jogjakarta sedang gencar mengembangkan pariwisata khususnya di kabupaten-kabupaten. Selain membangun bandara baru di Kulon Progo dan Gunungkidul, pemerintah juga memperbaiki infrastruktur kawasan wisata dan membuka spot-spot wisata baru.

Diantaranya yang paling baru adalah kawasan Hutan Pinus di Kabupaten Bantul. Bantul memiliki beberapa kawasan hutan pinus, yang paling terkenal adalah Hutan Pinus Mangunan di wilayah selatan. Namun bagi yang tidak sempat berwisata terlalu jauh, di daerah utara ada Hutan Pinus Pengger. Continue reading “Hutan Pinus Pengger Watu Ngadek – Dlingo, Bantul”

Process Safety Engineering vs HSE

People: What do you do?

Me: I’m a Process Safety Engineer.

People: Wow, great. So, are you the one responsible for fire drilling at office?

Me: Hmmm, nope. *cringe

People: Oh. *confused and moved on with their lives

Deepwater Horizon Explosion in 2010

More often than not, people who asked what my job is and got the answer, would refer my job as a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Officer. Though a little bit upset, I didn’t blame them, really. They just got lost with the use of “safety”. Well then, what’s actually the difference between these two important jobs? Here are my analysis based on my every day activities in oil and gas industry.

Before any thing, let us be informed that Process Safety Engineering (PSE) has other names, Technical Safety Engineer or Design Safety Engineer. On the other hand, HSE Officer is sometimes called Occupational Safety Officer or HSE Inspector.

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