Kuala Lumpur Part 2: Genting Highlands


Friday, 29 September 2014

On the third day, we woke up a bit early and quickly grabbed complimentary breakfast near the hall, The 10Binjai. We were hoping to catch morning bus to Genting Highlands, our next destination. Though it was only 50 km or 1.5 hr driving way from downtown KL, we expected to arrived early to enjoy more.

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Kuala Lumpur Part 1: Ampang Street, Petronas Twin Towers and Jalan Alor


Remembering the days when Sara and I were still hopeful and crazy (LOL!), and how we used to be spontaneous related to vacationing, I made another travelling post. This is a bit difficult to short out the photos. They were full of super random selfies in our 5-days stay in Malaysia. And oh my oh my, why on earth most of them were in orange and blue shades.. Haha, I thought it was a good idea to use “red-lip filter” in our camera. Bad call.

This post is for Sara. I love you, beb!

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Cuisine of the Month: Kuningan City

Ya ampun udah Juli aja. Bersyukur buat semua berkat yang datang di bulan Juni. Ingat masih belum bisa liburan ke luar kota, baiknya cuisine challenge di mall deket rumah aja kali ya, Kuningan City (Kuncit). Kenapa pilih Kuningan City, jelas karena deket tempat tinggal. Tiap hari selalu lewat.

31abde2c54fae076d23daf671ea94cc7_kuningan20city201courtesy: www.weyap.com

Sayang banget nggak sih kalo dekat tapi belum pernah nyobain?

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