Mauki’ kemana? Makassar mi.



I’m back. After devastating month of overtime in office (which, to be honest, assuring my bank account: saved), I’m thinking of starting to write again. Due to my longing for mountains and beaches and hotel comfort food, the post is about travel. Compare to what I did last year or years before that, my travelling experience this is year goes nowhere. ZZzzz…

Well. I’d like to remind my self with what I did in 2014 with my partner in crime, Sara. The year when life was still gold and full of promises. Hahahaa.. you know what I mean, ebeb Sara. That was the time which Sara and I went out of town, or country, without planning or even thinking it through. The one that I’m about to tell you started out with office-chatty time with her, on how she would visit her (former) beloved boyfriend in Kendari, South East Sulawesi. Ups, this one was apparently with a plan. Her plan. But ended up, tailgated by me. For the sake of her boyfriend’s family permission (he was gallant, trust me), I crashed her itinerary like Spongebob crashing Squidward’s dream. I booked a ticket a minute after she said, “Okay you can come.”

Did I mention Kendari before? It is in Sulawesi, which I haven’t been before that time. Whole new island for me. I was super excited. In addition to that we got to visit Makassar because of course why we went to Sulawesi without experiencing best Pinisi boat maker. Duh. And most important thing: Palumara and Konro Bakar. *evil laugh*

Most of the time travelling with Sara brought luck to us (or one of us), booking Lion Air but got upgraded to Batik Air. Fancy that. We giggled on our two and a half hours flight.


We arrived in famous Makassar airport, Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport. To be honest, I got surprised how stunning the airport look. I meant I’ve been to Balikpapan, well, their airport was great also. It’s kinda look a like, but compared to my hometown, Adi Sucipto International Airport, hmmm.. (HMMMM…) maybe I should just shut my thought. No offense, Jogja.

First place we visited was Pantai Losari, Makassar. It’s the hype. Losari beach was meant to be seen at night where we found so many food stalls and local performances.



A tip for you, don’t try to give young music performer with coins. They’ll give it back after couple of minutes. Hahaha.. seriously. It’s true.

Other hype was Kampoeng Popsa. A cafe where you can sit on a deck, looking at the sea, contemplating life. Cheers!



The next day, we went for thousand of butterflies. Bantimurung: Kingdom of Butterfly. Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park to be exact, is located on the north of Makassar, approximately one an a half hour driving (40 km). The park is in Maros Regency which known for its karst stone mountains. There was a waterfall with two caves at the national park which one of them I captured below.






We were mesmerized with how miscellaneous butterflies collection in here. A museum was built specifically for them separated by this cute wooden red bridge.




Most of our time was strolling for food, because it’s the best place craving for it. Famous culinary we tried in Makassar were these:

Coto Nusantara


courtesy of travelwithoutborders -wordpress

Mie Titi


courtesy of virginmojito -wordpress

Iga dan Sop Konro Karebosi


Nasi Merah


Right. The following days we spent in Kendari. Endorsed by the gallant man I mentioned previously (LOL), Sara and I arrived safely in Haluoleo Airport. I emphasized SAFELY, because we apparently using Garuda ATR 72. And the maneuvers were sick! It’s nice to feel the ground again, thank you.

For a road trip, we visited beaches in Kendari. Like a fool I forgot their names. But they were awesome.




Food in Kendari was slightly different than in Makassar. We tried Es Pisang Ijo and Palumara, which such a catch. Super deli.



courtesy of siskanurifah -wordpress

My God, just by looking at those fish get my tummy beg. Gotta eat, gotta eat now.

So, I hope one day you might want to visit Makassar and Kendari too. It doesn’t have to be planned, you can directly book for an airplane ticket right after this second. As long as you have chivalrous boyfriend, everything will be just fine. Ahahahaa.. kidding.

I miss those days when I can be spontaneous.

Stay brilliant.


6 thoughts on “Mauki’ kemana? Makassar mi.”

  1. Oh, right, too bad I’m looking at the foodies in the middle of the day, especially for that mie titi. I never taste it before, is it good? Whats the addition on the top of that, a chicken? And that es pisang ijo, though..


    1. hi Aruna!

      to be honest, mie titi taste a bit like mie godog jogja, if you ever tasted one. haha.. so yeah, it tasted good.

      pisang ijo was the best! lucky that we can find it everywhere.


      1. Oh, iya aku pernah coba ituu! Tulis menu ini di list kulinari berarti nih supaya nggak lupa kalau nanti-nanti mau coba, hehe. It sure is, apalagi kalau makannya di tempat asalnya ya.

        Anyway aku sering banget bacain blog kamu tapi baru sadar loh kalau belum klik follow, soalnya ada beberapa blog yg emg sengaja aku bookmark terutama blog Indonesia. Tanda-tanda sudah mulai pikun XD


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