Game of Thrones: What You Need to Know


Halo semua!

Apa kalian ngikutin serial TV Game of Thrones (GOT) yang tayang sejak 2011? Kalau iya, sekarang kalian tau aku cinta banget sama serial ini. Kita bisa bagi-bagi cerita. Kalau engga, duh. Nonton deh sekarang. Download maksudnya ya, karena Season 6 baru aja selesai kemarin pagi. Pal, you have missed the best television serial of all time (up to now). Hihi..

Winter is coming.

I’m not kidding lho. Presiden Barrack Obama aja sampai minta buat nonton Season 6 duluan sebelum resmi tayang karena ngefans sama serial ini. Dan akun twitter resmi White House once upload this photoshopped image. LOL. Continue reading “Game of Thrones: What You Need to Know”


Mauki’ kemana? Makassar mi.



I’m back. After devastating month of overtime in office (which, to be honest, assuring my bank account: saved), I’m thinking of starting to write again. Due to my longing for mountains and beaches and hotel comfort food, the post is about travel. Compare to what I did last year or years before that, my travelling experience this is year goes nowhere. ZZzzz…

Well. I’d like to remind my self with what I did in 2014 with my partner in crime, Sara. The year when life was still gold and full of promises. Hahahaa.. you know what I mean, ebeb Sara. That was the time which Sara and I went out of town, or country, without planning or even thinking it through. The one that I’m about to tell you started out with office-chatty time with her, on how she would visit her (former) Continue reading “Mauki’ kemana? Makassar mi.”