The Perks of Being A Villager (Part 1)


30 20140727_061459 20140727_062148

Nothing more right than to start a story from where it came from, aye? Gunungkidul will always run in my vein. No matter how many people underestimated it. On the contrary, I kinda proud of this forbidden nirvana. I am willing to post many pictures and review, yet so little time. Let’s make it in parts.

Twenty kilometers from my family house, God put beaches, exquisite that I don’t have other words to describe. Pictures above are Pulang Syawal beach. White sands, clear sky, melodious waves, tranquilizer. Just don’t come on weekend or other holidays. For the love of petrichor, I beg you not to.

27 20140727_060802

Fresh fish is served in wooden huts. You may have it fried or grilled. Both are porn to your tongue. I got myself (and my brother) a well-done Kakap, beautifully placed in a bamboo plate, completed with hot rice. Sweet iced tea later on.

Others: Sepanjang beach. And all time favourite: Siung-Wediombo beach, where I went alone with my bike. Tried to figure out about my life. Oh, what a drama queen.

29 20130607_171539 20130607_165221 20130607_161838 20140714_071308

Now that you know, I am not easily impressed by “beautiful beaches” advertised in the net. I can reach it 15 minutes away from my front door.

Stay excellent.


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