Halo Niko, Greek Food Hunter!

Feeling a bit hungry starving now.. and missing this one special place where my boyfriend used to take me on Friday night after office. Halo Niko!


Bet you never heard of this rustic-like cafe. If you work near Pejaten, care to visit this place, and you won’t regret it. The theme and menu is Greek and Javanese. You guess just right: the owner are a Greek man and a Javanese lady.

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Persian, Snakes and Cirebon

During my time in the company I am still working for, I met many kinds of expatriate colleague. One of which craziest and most annoying, yet fun was K from Persia (Iran). He currently works in Beijing. He was okay, or I supposed. But the moment he asked me to accompany him to Cirebon for snake skin was just too much to take. I thought he was joking, like, dude, watcha gonna do with that?! Sell it to black market in Teheran or something.

But gosh, he was serious. So, on July 20th 2013, we took first train of the day to Cirebon. For snakes. Dead snakes. Skin. Skin of a dead snakes. And I was still sleepy when he excitedly opened taxi door.


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A Diary


Mother says live slow and care to people you dear most. People say traveling is a way of spending money which far from coming a waste. Elders say work with your heart, follow the order, yes is always better. Jokers say never let anyone tell you how you should eat, if they do, eat them too. Or dress. Dress to impress. Always.

I say, them all confuse me.

25 years I have been living in the planet. I don’t wish to regret anything. When I am older, I will be wondering how and why; then try to look back what I have accomplished.

The diary shall begin. Diary of a little liar.